Rajinder Johar on Asar with Aamir

Dr. Rajinder Johar, the founder and chief coordinator of FOD, received the coveted Lakshmipat Singhania - IIM Lucknow

Rajinder Johar, founder-managing trustee and chief coordinator at Family Of Disabled

Still standing

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Family of Disabled has had the good fortune of being blessed by noble souls like Mother Teresa and Baba Amte.

This is what they wished for FOD:

Moter Teresa

"I am glad to know that FOD is formed to bring together the disabled as a family. The disabled are people with limitations - but it does not matter so much what a person can or cannot do, what matters is what he or she is. Inspite of their handicaps, they have indeed been blessed in many ways. The most important is their ability to accept their affliction with faith, fortitude and even joy. I pray FOD will reach out to help the disabled support and strengthen one another."

-Mother Teresa, April 12, 1992

Baba Amte

"FOD is a supremely compassionate foundation. May it become the pyramid of hope, confidence and growth. May its achievements of the cause of disabled become formidable. Human sufferings cannot be tackled by rules and regulations. Society always praises creativity and courage. FOD's heroic service to the cause of the disabled is bound to succeed."

- Baba Amte, January 4, 1993