Rajinder Johar on Asar with Aamir

Dr. Rajinder Johar, the founder and chief coordinator of FOD, received the coveted Lakshmipat Singhania - IIM Lucknow

Rajinder Johar, founder-managing trustee and chief coordinator at Family Of Disabled

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''Don't give them fish,teach them fishing."
Based on the concept, Don't give them fish, teach them fishing, the ARS, which started in 1998, is one of the major projects of FOD. Under this scheme, disabled people who are illiterate, unskilled and poor with no opportunity of getting employed either in private or government sector, are economically rehabilitated by initiating them into a trade of their choice. This enables them to financially support themselves as well as their dependents.
Handmade dolls, HBS1, HBS2
ARS is aimed at alleviating poverty, reducing unemployment and mainstreaming people with disabilities. It also prevents them from falling prey to anti-social elements who exploit their disability to meet their nefarious goals.

Till date ARS has reached out to 994 poor disabled individuals, in and around Delhi, in gainful employment with the success rate of above 80%. We cater to all kinds of disabilities, though the majority of ARS entrepreneurs are physically disabled; hearing impaired, visually impaired and leprosy cured people. FOD was conferred with the prestigious Helen Keller Award 2003 exclusively for this service on December 2, 2003, the eve of World Disabled Day and Red & White Bravery Award on March 31, 2004 for its exceptional act of social courage.
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