Rajinder Johar on Asar with Aamir

Dr. Rajinder Johar, the founder and chief coordinator of FOD, received the coveted Lakshmipat Singhania - IIM Lucknow

Rajinder Johar, founder-managing trustee and chief coordinator at Family Of Disabled

Still standing

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The latest vocational training being imparted at FOD's Rehab Centre is the production of a very unique product- Newspaper Pencils. This is launched with two-pronged approach:

1) to help disabled people earn a respectable living and

2)  to save environment by recycling of newspapers and reducing further cutting of trees.

According to a study published in The Hindu, over 2500 pencils can be created from a single tree and to produce 15 to 20 billion pencils every year over 4 lakh trees are cut. These statistics indeed become terrifying when one thinks about how a simple writing instrument can have a long lasting impact on the environment.

These newspaper pencils are as sturdy and sharpens as smoothly as their wooden counterparts.

Hence, the use of newspaper pencil bestows  the following benefits:

  1. Eco Friendly: Neither made from wood nor from any other paper
  2. Recycled: Made from newspapers already in existence in the environment
  3. Unique item: For gifting purposes as well as to make a statement to your stakeholders
  4. Customisation: Can be easily customised with no added cost on a minimum order of 1000 pencils.
  5. Livelihood for the disabled people: A source of income for the people with disabilities who are producing these pencils.