Rajinder Johar on Asar with Aamir

Dr. Rajinder Johar, the founder and chief coordinator of FOD, received the coveted Lakshmipat Singhania - IIM Lucknow

Rajinder Johar, founder-managing trustee and chief coordinator at Family Of Disabled

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Life and business partnership - Malti Devi
Malti Devi, a 28- year-old woman, is suffering from polio (right lower limb) from the age of 2. She came to Delhi with her husband, who also has polio in left hand upper limb, after her wedding. She worked for seven long years as a maid in the households to earn and support the income of the family by contributing Rs 1000 per month. Her husband owns a tea stall in the local area who was earning about Rs 20-40 per day, which was insufficient for the family to meet the needs like rent, education of the child and other household items. They were struggling for their basic needs, when she approached FOD for the financial help in increasing the business of her husband so that, they can afford better living for the family,

With the help from FOD under Apna Rozgaar Scheme, Malti Devi and her husband have increased their profit from the tea stall and tobacco products. Now, they earn about Rs 200 per day and are able to meet the needs of the family by not only earning for the day but also have a savings account in a bank which has about Rs 18000/- saved for the future use. The husband-wife team was helped in expanding their business with the amount of Rs 7000/- (Rs. 3,500/- each) on December 5, 2010. The savings of Rs 18000 excluding other daily expenses is an encouraging example for efficient use of the funds.
In today�s time she is like any other woman who helps her family and especially her husband in his tea stall business and is equally involved in the functioning and decision making of the house. Despite her disability and being a woman from a poor and rural state like Bihar, she with the help of FOD, has changed her fate and she smiles when her example is given and says, �We exist because of you� The reason behind her smile is her confidence and her financial security which helps any person with disability to be secure and be prepared to face life.