Rajinder Johar on Asar with Aamir

Dr. Rajinder Johar, the founder and chief coordinator of FOD, received the coveted Lakshmipat Singhania - IIM Lucknow

Rajinder Johar, founder-managing trustee and chief coordinator at Family Of Disabled

Still standing

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Turning Tables on Disability - Vijay
Vijay was born in Delhi, at the age of three he got affected by polio in both lower limbs. Vijay used to sell roasted channa masala with other snacks from his tricycle, through which he earned Rs 20 -25/ day. This amount was getting utilised for next days preparation, this business was helpful till his tricycle was in good condition and gradually the tricycle deteriorated in performance and he became helpless and dependent. This was the time he felt his disability was a curse and he could not do much without his tricycle and his small earning source had also gone.

In the beginning he used to live with his brother�s family but later he moved out as he felt he was a burden on them and they were not supporting him and his small income activity. After knowing about the ARS scheme of FOD, he changed his line of business and he started selling CDs and cassettes. Currently, he earns about Rs 300-350 per day.
Starting his business with Rs 3500/- now he has increased the items by another Rs 2500, a great achievement for a person who was earning nothing at all. He has approached FOD again for 2nd installment. He has been appreciated and helped in expanded his shop which has led to increase in the sales of the CDs and cassettes and earnings. This is an indicator of his success and our success in rebuilding a life through ARS Scheme.

Today he has confidence to teach others that disability is no more a hindrance in proving ones ability and desire to be self dependent. He is an encouragement to others who want to work and earn